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Laurel came to our dealership last week to train us and keep us up-to-date on the correct use of our ERA® system. Upon speaking with the people she worked with, it has been unanimously stated that Laurel was, in a word, amazing! And I wholeheartedly agree. She has an obvious and contagious passion for the ERA system and for teaching others how to use it. She was able to make training exciting through her joy of teaching and interest in learning new things herself along the way. Her rapport with the staff here was beyond great and she was an absolute pleasure to have around. Her visit proved extremely helpful and informative as she has a wealth of knowledge.

I very much look forward to having Laurel back some day to help me investigate Reynolds further and learn much more with her about how we can make the system work for us. Thank you for having such a passionate person on your staff it really does make a difference!

Jamie Caletti, IT Manager
Belleville Toyota
Belleville, ON