Reynolds and Reynolds
At Reynolds, we are extremely proud of our tradition of providing the highest quality solutions, service, and support. Our customers frequently send us success stories about how our people and products have made their business better. Check out some of our current featured stories to the right.

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I would like to acknowledge all of the staff at Reynolds and Reynolds. From the onsite installers and trainers, to the support staff at the TAC, to the behind-the-scene programmers, you have a very capable and valuable team.

Reynolds, like any other company, has many day-to-day challenges from their customers, which they undertake with the utmost confidence. As I work with a wide range of ERA functions and Contact Management, I am always amazed at the level of support that is provided. In terms of DMS integration, Reynolds outshines other systems I have used in the past. Their relationship with Toyota Canada has made this an even better platform.

It is my opinion that things will only get better!

Terry Burgess, Customer Relations
Metro Lexus Toyota
Victoria, BC