Reynolds and Reynolds
We all have a stake in protecting consumers' personal information-dealers, OEMs, and industry partners alike. Reynolds is proudly leading the way to help dealerships safely move and store DMS data.
Are You at Risk?
Without constant management, dealers' systems are at high risk for security breaches and data corruption. Without the right tools and safeguards, unauthorized system access can go undetected-exposing you to legal liability for disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information. It can also cause significant system performance issues. Learn how Reynolds approaches management of DMS security as part of our continuous enhancements to help you:
  • Manage data access with dealer-specified data accessed only by dealer-permitted parties.
  • Be compliant with legislative requirements.
  • Sustain DMS performance.
Industry partners can certify integration with ERA through Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI).
Learn more about RCI.
Dealers can rely on secure integration with over 40 franchises through Reynolds OEM Services.
Learn more about Reynolds OEM Services.
Dealer Options - dealer-driven and dealer-automated downloads
Reynolds Certified Interface - partner integration
Reynolds OEM Services - OEM integration

Security Enhancements - why, what, when, how

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