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Enhance customer relationships and streamline advertising efforts with a comprehensive call management system.
Callbright helps businesses optimize marketing investments and enhance customer relationships by providing Web-based, real-time, telephone communication management tools. Callbright clients can track advertising effectiveness through telephone responses, record and monitor inbound calls, track outbound calls, and send broadcast messages. Callbright's Web-based solutions are practical and cost-effective, requiring no equipment or software installation - so you can connect with customers from anywhere with Internet access.

Callbright Options:

Clickable Numbers
Provide customers access to your support and sales staff with the click of a web button. Instant access helps turn Internet leads into phone leads, and creates a faster, easier line of communication. With Callbright's Clickable Numbers the customer simply clicks to enter their phone number on the site and then the system calls the customer's phone while simultaneously connecting the call to your dealership.

Lead Chaser
Drive sales to your door by connecting to your future customers within seconds of their request. When an online prospect submits a lead form from your Web site, Callbright's Lead Chaser instantly converts that data into speech and calls your sales desk to relay the information and offer the opportunity to "press one to be connected to this customer." Ensure leads are captured, possibly before they have even finished browsing your site, with Lead Chaser.
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