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ColorFile Filing System

Paper filing systems can get out of control if you let them. The Reynolds ColorFile Filing System offers a revolutionary level of organization, space savings, and document storage security that easily expands as your needs grow.

Save time, money, and space with ColorFile, the filing system designed for automotive retailers. Traditional, four-drawer filing cabinets are a thing of the past.

The ColorFile Filing System lets you build an efficient, dealership-wide storage solution that's right for you - for accounting, sales, service, and more! Choose the type and size of cabinets and shelves you want, the type of folders and labels you need, and the features that best complement your dealership. You can maximize productivity and customer satisfaction by solving your filing problems with the Reynolds ColorFile Filing System. Imagine, no more lost or misplaced file folders or unsightly, overcrowded filing cabinets.

Here's how it works:

Color-coding reduces misfiles.
ColorFile works by color-coding your files in very specific ways. Color-coding is effective because the human eye recognizes color and color patterns faster and at a greater distance than it does letters or numbers.

ColorFile reduces filing and retrieval time.
Using the color-coding method, filing and searching for records is much faster and errors can be easily recognized and corrected. You can rapidly find needed files during warranty audits or times of high customer volume.

Open shelving saves money and floor space.
The ColorFile system uses high-quality, open-shelf file cabinets that can hold more files than traditional drawer cabinets. One seven-shelf ColorFile cabinet can hold the equivalent of two conventional four-drawer file cabinets and only uses about one half of the floor space.

File folder design speeds purging.
With automotive-specific folders and systematic labeling, ColorFile can help your dealership purge inactive files in a matter of minutes. Spend more time selling vehicles and servicing customers and less time laboring over a filing system.

ColorFile® Brochure 

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