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Customer Care Cards

Merchandising Made Appealing
Build customer loyalty and generate sales by offering custom coupons and special deals with Customer Card Solutions from Reynolds.

Card w/A-Peel Coupon Cards are completely customizable and can help build loyalty with current customers, bring back inactive customers, and encourage customer referrals. Card w/A-Peel is also available in a hang tag, with dispatch number and key tag, and a postcard format that stands out from other mail.

Punchable Key Fobs and Cards are a great way to reward customer loyalty; available in wallet card or key fob formats, or as a combination of the two.

Integrated Customer Card and Letterhead incorporates a personalized letter with promotional or business information cards to help build customer loyalty. This flexible format delvers your customized message with detachable cards that customers can keep as a constant reminder of your business.

Card w/A-Peel Flyer 

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