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Positive Pay

Protecting bank accounts and financial information is priority one.

Donít wait for fraud to strike before you put a protection plan in place. Positive Pay is an anti-fraud service available at most financial institutions. It helps protect companies against counterfeit and altered cheques and manual-entry errors. Reynolds can provide the ERAģ electronic Positive Pay file to facilitate this service.

Protecting your dealership from cheque fraud and manual errors is simplified with Positive Pay for ERA. Itís like an insurance policy against cheque fraud and losses.
With the ERA electronic Positive Pay file:
  • You can send your bank a list of payroll and accounts payable cheques issued by your dealership.
  • The bank later uses this list to determine whether the cheques presented are valid.
  • If the cheque amount or number does not match the information provided in the Positive Pay file, the bank will not cash or clear the cheque.

Turn your manual process into an automated one while protecting your dealership from fraud. Streamline your process today with electronic Positive Pay.
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