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Payroll Consulting Project
Take the stress out of producing your pay runs each week by maximizing efficiency and accuracy over your payroll process.
The Payroll Consulting Project helps your staff develop processes and procedures to provide the most efficient and effective handling of dealership payroll from hiring to closing payroll at year-end.
This three-day engagement includes instruction in management of dealership payroll processes that:
  • Improve timekeeping accuracy.
  • Streamline key, time-consuming data integration, such as technician and salesperson payroll.
  • Reduce manual data entry to improve your accounting processes.
  • Reduce the time required to conduct payroll and direct deposit.
  • Generate reports and tools to manage payroll and other related staffing and scheduling issues.

Payroll Consulting can give your staff greater control over payroll, standardizing and speeding up the entire payroll process. The end result is timely payroll cheques and happier employees. Managers will appreciate the ability to make more informed payroll decisions and teach and execute best-practice processes.

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