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Give your customers a compelling reason to buy.

Reynolds Consulting Services helps you prepare for and manage profitable sales events by targeting the right lease and retail customers with new vehicle offers that appeal and sell.

Whether your goal is to host retail or lease renewal events, or service to sales events, Reynolds Consulting Services will work with you and your staff during two in-dealership visits to define your event, set it up, and meet with your customers to begin the sales process regardless of DMS. With the help of your staff, during our visits we will:
  • Create a focus and devise reasons for customers to attend your event.
  • Help you create a mail piece for targeted customers, develop a process for completing the mailing, and build scripts for follow-up phone calls designed to help schedule customer appointments.
  • Help ensure your event is ready to launch and coach your staff on how to greet each customer and make a professional presentation that will give your customers a reason to purchase or lease a new vehicle from you.
  • Define event metrics to help you measure the success of the event.
  • Determine a future plan for continued customer database marketing.

Use your customer information as a resource for building loyalty and sales. By effectively communicating relevant and timely offers to your customers, you'll sell more vehicles and increase customer retention.

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