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Sales Process Training and Cons.
Do your salespeople make the right "first and lasting impression" for your dealership? Their ongoing role as dealership ambassadors is critical to increasing closing ratios and gross profits.
Dealers recognize that improved sales processes and training will enable them to achieve these goals. Unlike other well-known sales training and consulting offers, Reynolds in-store Sales Process Training and Coaching Program provides a comprehensive process improvement program. It includes an in-store assessment of current processes, business metrics and sales effectiveness. The results include best-practice process recommendations and a tailored training program with follow-up visits to make sure that processes are maintained and progress achieved.

The program works no matter what dealership management system, Customer Relationship Management or Desking tools you may use. It's about making sure that your salespeople are doing the right things, including processes and techniques to:
  • Work with the four different types of today's educated, Internet-savvy buyer personalities
  • Properly greet and overcome objections in the lot or showroom
  • Make sure that product presentations and demo drives occur
  • Effectively get down payments using a non-confrontational option close
  • Identify F&I opportunities
  • Effectively use long-term follow-up strategies that will increase repeat buyers and create more referral business

No other company provides complete, comprehensive in-store, tailored assessment, launch, and follow up to make sure that best practice sales processes are being followed, tools are used, and that you and your sales team sell more cars, profitably.

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