Reynolds and Reynolds
  • Contact Management

    "Communication skills are by far, the number one thing the Consulting group has going for them. As the System Administrator for eight different stores, there is a lot that I need to keep an eye on. When the Reynolds Consultant comes in to do work, I can almost sit back and relax because I know from experience, that everything is going to fall right into place. For this, I highly recommend Contact Management and the Reynolds Consulting Services."

    Jim Hazle: Systems Administrator
    Brandon Ford

    "One of the best things about having a Reynolds Consultant come in is that they are people who have dealership experience before they ever became a consultant. They understand my business and they understand me. I am provided an outside perspective on the way we do everyday business in a professional and relevant manner; a second set of eyes to look over what has become routine.

    When working with Contact Management, attention to detail is important and he helps inspire that confidence and detail in not only my veteran employees, but even in my new hires."

    Jim Hardick: General Manager
    Moritz Group of Dealerships

    "...we are averaging 2-4 more cars per store per month. Across all seven stores, we have increased vehicle sales revenue by approximately $585,000 per year. Overall, our digital marketing has significantly improved, increased by our ability to effectively mine data, which helps our sales event planning. Our customer relationships, which were “hit and miss” before, also continue to strengthen as we now better manage them with consistent follow up."

    Don Saranchuk: Vice President of Variable Operations
    Sunshine Toyota, Winnipeg, MB

    "Due to the guidance of our consultant, we ultimately began to understand how to utilize the product and now require our sales team to add all of their ups in to the system to keep all of our information in one place. Once we started to implement this, we saw a huge improvement in our linear communication across our system.

    ...We are happy to report that, through our consultant’s guidance, we have increased our vehicle net profit per year by $102,000, averaging an extra 4 deals per month."

    Allison Centore: Internet Sales Director
    Ted Britt Ford Lincoln

    "With the introduction of Contact Management and the help of Reynolds Consulting Services, we have seen a drastic improvement in our sales. On average, we are selling an additional 30 new and used vehicles a month. This is bringing in more than $50,000 of net profit per month and we only expect this number to continue climbing."

    John Schafer: General Manager/Vice President
    Toyota of Walnut Creek

  • Custom Consulting

    "Our Dealership has been utilizing RCS for over 15 years and they have always provided value for us; no matter what the problem area we’ve worked on. RCS helped us launch our BDC, has worked with us on lease renewal and internet department processes - even going back to the Red Carpet Lease timeframe - and they have never failed to help us improve sales.

    ...Our ability to rely on a group that understands the automobile industry, develops productive working relationships with our management, and becomes a member of our team has helped tremendously."

    Marc Cross: Dealer Principal
    Jordan Ford

    "Journal entries that we were doing by hand were taken to a digital form using the systems we already had. The consultant showed us that the data was easy to export into the Reynolds system and immediate results ensued. We have stores that provide loaner vehicles to our service customers via an outside rental company. Using the advice of our consultant, we have been able to significantly cut down the time used to manage this daily activity and the costs associated with it. We have regained hours and we couldn't be more pleased."

    David A.G. Turnbull: Comptroller
    Weins Canada, Markham, ON

  • eBusiness Consulting

    "Reynolds Consulting has been able to help us change how we managed our Internet business. They have implemented the best practices for customer follow-up, and helped us understand why they work. Their focused approach and breadth of resources has been very helpful. They solved our message and communication timing issues.

    Reynolds Consulting Services’ expertise has resulted in our store receiving two awards over the last two years for being #1 in Internet sales with Lincoln and Ford Direct. We were named the Lincoln Digital 2010 eCommerce Elite Winner."

    Ryan Kolb: Director of Operations
    Hines Park Lincoln Mercury

  • ERA Optimization

    "Up until working with Reynolds Consulting, I had been doing all of our forecasting manually and on my own…Our consultant came in and rather than telling us what to do, took the time to find out exactly what we were already doing. By first observing rather than ordering, he was able to gain a strong understanding of our current situation and make educated suggestions.

    ...The experience was truly exceptional and the service that Reynolds Consulting provides is the most in-depth experience out there."

    Ryan McMahon: Service and Parts Manager
    Nissan 24

  • Online Reputation Management

    "What we learned through the Online Reputation Management consulting was how to start constructively managing our reputation, instead of reacting to it. We feel empowered to influence our customer relationships and public perception in a way we had not felt before.

    Dealers that are ignoring their online reputation are losing out on potential business. So that doesn’t happen, we would recommend Reynolds Consulting Services and the Online Reputation Management project for other dealers who want to learn how to proactively influence and manage their online image."

    Darin Wade: General Manager
    Rich Ford

  • Owner Loyalty Event

    "We recently used Reynolds Consulting Services to plan for and hold an Owner Loyalty Event at our store.

    ...As a result, we had 170 confirmed appointments and sold 50 vehicles in one day, when we usually sell around 10. That is a 29 percent close rate for a one-day event!

    We are very pleased with Reynolds Consulting Service and would recommend their services to other dealers who want to launch a strong owner loyalty campaign and improve the success of their business."

    Dennis Andrews: General Manager
    Metro Lexus Toyota Victoria, Victoria, BC

  • Sales Process Consulting

    "Since having Reynolds Consulting work with us we have seen a volume increase of 15 units average per month and gross increase of $2290 per unit average per month.

    The Reynolds Consultant also looked at real, verifiable metrics to guide us on what needed to be done to achieve realistic, profitable growth. He offered a new internet process that is now in place. This has helped us to go from a 5% internet close rate to a 12% internet close rate. When translated to unit and dollars on annual basis; we are bringing in an extra $120,000 per year."

    Steven Pollack: General Manager
    Jennings Anderson Ford